Wyssen automatic clamp (two attachment bolts) ø 10 – 12 mm

CHF 557.00 exkl. MwSt.

for cable-ø 10 – 12 mm

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The automatic clamp with two attachment bolts is practically identical to the standard automatic clamp. This automatic clamp is equipped with two bolts and has additionally a hole in the bracket, through which a bar / piece of wood can be inserted to prevent twisting of the automatic clamp. One bolt is used as a fixation when tightening and with the other bolt a second fastening can be clipped in, so that the fixation of the tightening bolt can be easily released.
Max. traction: 1’600 kg
for cable-ø 10 – 12 mm

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Gewicht 3.7 kg

Double attachment bolts

Max. traction

1'600 kg

for cable-ø

10 – 12 mm


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